• Samir Khoshaba, Simo Parpola, Zack Cherry.

    Samir Khoshaba, Simo Parpola, Zack Cherry.

    Interview with Samir Hoshaba who is a lecturer (mechanical engineering) at the Technological University in Sweden, with historian and assyriologist Simono Parpula (Finland) and assyriologist Zack Cherry.

  • Samir Khoshaba & E.Vinci-Hytter.

    Samir Khoshaba & E.Vinci-Hytter.

    Volodya Sargis meets with the university lecturer Samir Khoshaba and “Lineus”University director Elena  Vinci-Hytter, Sweden. Tpaqta d’rabi, malpana Samir Khoshaba, myaqra valodia Sarkez ben meshtalanta d’yesureh tewilayeh gaan Mkanshanita (Bet sooba) d’Linnaeus Elena Vinci-Hytter, Sweden. Betlabevakh pakhalta men asquta d’itlan go Qala d’filma.

  • Rabi Samir Khoshaba, Sweden.

    Rabi Samir Khoshaba, Sweden.

    Samir Khoshaba is a lecturer at the Technologial University (mechanical engineering) in Sweden. Hagyana-Atouraya would like to thank Rabi Samir for recording TV show called “Rainbow” (Qeshti Maran), which was presented by Sargonta Oshana on “Suroyo TV” in 2009. Hagyana-Atouraya contacted “Suroyo TV” and asked their permission to publish an interview with Samir Khoshaba on our web site. We are looking forward to interviewing Rabi Khoshaba. The interview which will be posted on our web site shortly.