Assyrian martyr’s poem “Blood of Shem’eel” by Nineb Lamassu.

This new poem of mine, 'Blood of Shem'eel', is about this atrocity which has continued to be unrecognised by the Iraqi governments, including the incumbent government, and it is an appeal from me to the conscience of the Iraqi public in general and to those in power: it is time to recognise and apologise for the atrocities of Shem'eel.

Eighty Two years ago – the 7th of August, the Iraqi military, with the aid of some Arab and Kurdish tribes, committed the very first crime against humanity in the history of the modern state of Iraq. Thousands of innocent Assyrian men, women and children were subjected to a mass and indiscriminate slaughter. The majority of the atrocities took place in the Assyrian village of Shem’eel (Semele) in the outskirts of Nohadra (Dohuk).

Samir Khoshaba

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