Interview with Mrs. Magi Djabrael.

One of the duties of the website hagyana-atouraya is finding relatives in Russia “and former republics of soviet union” who lost connections with their family members, and to create communications between relatives in different countries.

The interview of today is with Mrs. Magi Djabrael residence of Georgia. Mrs. Djabrael is searching for her relatives (family members of her grandfather the late Michael Djabrael) who are living in United States of America, England, and France.

Tpaqta am myaqarta Magi Djabrael.
Khda men waliata d’dapa d’hagyana-atourya ila machakhta d’kezmane go Russia o okhdane d’khoyada sovietaya d’qamta d’tolqena isora men bney baytotay, o brayta d’yhwal-shqalta (isora) men khezmaney go atrawate prishe. Adyoum tpaqtan ila men myaqarta Magi Djabrael khayanta d’atra d’Georgia. Myaqarta Magi tawoyela bater khwzmana (baytota d’akhonwata d’sawona Mnakha Michael Gjabrael) d’bekhaya ina go Okhdane Mkhayde d’America, England o Fransa.


Janna Yukhanova

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