Assyrian Writers League in Gothenburg, Sweden. Part 3.

The leadership of Assyrian Writers League represented by its president Dr. Odisho Malko Ashitha, and the vice president Mrs. Susan Yousef Qasraytha visited the Assyrian Ahiqar Association in Gothenburg, Sweden.

on Thursday 10th of December 2015, to deliver two lectures in the following topics:

      1. Assyrian language.
      2. Information about Assyrian Writers League and about the current situation of Assyrians and Christians in Iraq.

The lectures, which were very appreciated by the attendance, were followed by a number of questions and comments.

Goshma d’sapre atouraye go mdita Gothenburg, Sweden – Mnata khareta.

Reshanotha d’goshma d’sapre atouraye metmothalta b’mdabrana Asia malpana Odisho Malko Ashita, am khlap mdabrana  Rabitha Susan Yousef Qasrayta sokhberon l’Beth smakha d’Akhiqar go mdita d’Gothenburg b’malkotha d’Sweden b’youma d’10 b’kanon qamaya, sheta 2015 qa maqrawta d’tren mamle d’mloee d’eltekht:

  1. Lishana atouraya.
  2. Mada’anotha bod goshma d’sapre atouraye o bod aykanayoutha hashaytha d’atouraye omshikhaye go Iraq.

Men bater d’ene mamle timana, shamoe’e yaqire moqrewlon shoa’ale o re’yane parsopaye.

Samir Khoshaba

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