Family reunion after 100 years.

A small happy family, husband and wife together with their boy Youkhanna and his young sister Asiat; lived peacefully in, Zumallan, one of the Assyrian village of Urmia. Their life; however, was turned upside down during the Assyrian genocide, when the Turkish military along with the local Azeribejanian Turks and irregular Kurdish troops attacked the Assyrians of Urmia.

During this great exodus of the family lost Youkhanna. His parents, Qasha Nabatto Badal and Shakar Badal and their daughter Asiat all passed away without having ever found their son and sibling, Youkhanna. In 2015, Hagyana Atouraya managed to find and locate the surfing family of Asiat and Youkhanna. In 2016, Nina, Asiat’s granddaughter travelled to Russia and for the first time met with her great uncle’s son, Younatan and his family. This video is of the emotional reunion of a family scattered by a genocide and reunited by a shear love and the search for the lost past.

Khaduta gortela qa awoode d’Hagyana Atouraya qad go metkha kerya muntilan hayerakh qa raba men bne umtan qad tulqeva khezmane matpeqakhlun b’ukhdade.  Go daha khurza kerya bed khazitunla tpaqta d’Nina Tooma (navegta d’Asyat) u Younatan Badalov (brona d’Yukhanna). Youkhanna u Asyat iva akhuna u khata qad dana d’ktal amma tolqeva ukhdade go Urmia.

Samir Khoshaba

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