Yelling ( Maqwakhta ) – Ninos Nirari.

Yelling ( Maqwakhta ) – Ninos Nirari.

Yelling ( Maqwakhta ) is the forth volume of poems released by Ninos Nirai in 1998,

it contains 18 poems written by Ninos during the 70’s when he was in Kirkuk/ Iraq and in 80’s and 90’s in Chicago/USA, all poems are national reflect our situation during the three periods of time, one of the poems is dedicated to the late Mar Dinkha 4th for the 22 remembrance of his Priestly ordinations as a patriarch..

Yelling ( Maqwakhta ) ile dawqa rwea’aya d’pishele prisa sheta d’1998 byad makhora d’umta atoureta  Ninos Nirari.




Janna Yukhanova

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