This poem/song commemorates August 7th, the Assyrian Martyrs Day. It is dedicated to all Assyrian Martyrs who lost their lives in the Simele massacre.

63 Assyrian villages in the Dohuk and Mosul districts of modern-day Iraq were attacked by the nascent Iraqi Army in August 1933. As many as 6,000 Assyrians were brutally murdered. Pregnant women were bayoneted, while others were lit aflame with burning Bibles.

Lyrics – Ninib Hormoz Toma
Music – Stella Rezgo
Performed by Ninib Hormoz Toma and Stella Rezgo
Arrangement and Piano – Peter Adil
Violin – Oleksandra Fedyshyn
Production and Mastering at Petra Sound Design Studio – Toronto, Canada
Special thanks to Vasili Shoumanov for his help with graphics.

Samir Khoshaba

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