Maria Nazarova (Bit Dero).

Maria Nazarova (Bit Dero).

Meeting with Krasnodar’s resident, Maria Nazarova (Bit Diro), who tells of the Assyrian village in Mar Bisho, which is located on the border between Turkey and Iran

Maria’s mother was from this village, and her father is from  Urmia. They fled to Russia in 1917 during the genocide of Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. Maria Danilovna tells us that her mother descends from the family of Bet-Kalleita priests, and gave us a copy of the photo of the village in Mar Bisho.

Yaqerta Maryam Bet Deroo aha t’khara timana d’deyokhun bed shaqel shopa go Tasheeta d’umta Atoureta.
Aha sorta raba ateqta u shaperta men mata d’Mar Bishoo al tekhob d’atravate d’Iran u Turkye qublalan men yaqerta Maryam Nazarova (Bit Deroo), hay d’Yemoo ila men mata d’Mar Bishoo u baboo men Urmia (Iran).
Go daha tpaqta d’Hagyana-Atouraya am yaqerta Maryam Nazarova (Bit Deroo) bekhzayevakh aha mokhabta dakhi haquyila l’shersha d’tasheeta d’mata d’Mare Bishoo.



      Mata d’Mar Bishoo.


Janna Yukhanova

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