Monday, September 20, 2021

Janna Yukhanova

Happy Assyrian New Year!

Hagyana Atouraya PRESENTS: Assyrian New Year greetings in cooperation with our beloved ASSYRIAN singer Ninos Oshana.

Assyrian musician, drummer Robert Noghli.

Hagyana Atouraya PRESENTS: Exclusive interview with the famous Assyrian musician, drummer Robert Noghli.

”BARNASHA” by Jaklin Bityou.

Poem "BARNASHA" by the Assyrian poetess from Australia Jacqueline Bitu.

Assyrian poet Jaklin Bityou.

Special interview with the Assyrian poet and activist Mrs. Jaklin Bityou from Sidney، Australia. Friday 12, 2021.

Assyrian Language Grammar By Father Daniel Shammon, part-40.

About the majority of verbs in Assyrian language and its derivatves with its meaning in Arabic and English language.

The International Mother Language Day in Krasnodar. 21.02.21.

Students of the Assyrian Language school in Krasnodar, Russia (Assyrian Church of the East), performing at the International Mother Language Day, which is celebrated on 21 February.

Interview with the assyrian artist Mr. Shaia Kaia from Sydney.

Exclusive discussion with Assyrian artist Mr. Shaia Kaia. Hosted by Janna Yukhanova from Hagyana Atouraya.

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Festival of Assyrian music and dance “BET NAHREIN”.

Hagyana Aturaya presents: For the first time in Krasnodar (Russia)! Festival of Assyrian music and dance "BET NAHREIN".
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