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Vasili Shoumanov

Books in Chicago: Biography of Raphael Khan. A Great Assyrian Leader of 20th century.

Raphael Khan was , a famous hero of the First World War, who fought on the side of the allies (Great Britain, France and Russia)

Hormizd Rassam: The Facts form his Biography.

Do we know… That Hormizd Rassam, born in Mosul (1826 – 1910), was a famous archeologist who made a number of important archaeological discoveries like Ashurbanipal Library, including the clay tablets that contained the Epic of Gilgamesh (An epic poem...

New book from Russia, 2021.

A new book was published in St. Petersburg (Russia), this is the third revised and edited edition of the book "Biographical Dictionary of Assyrians in Russia (XIX - mid XX century)" by Archimandrite Stephen Sado, 2021.

Professor Joseph Yacoub.

Pictured here, Dr. Joseph Yacoub, Professor of Political Sciences. He delivered his lecture on the Assyrian issue at the Assyrian National Council of Illinois, 2015.

Alphonse Mingana a prominent orientalist.

Hormez (Alphonse) Mingana (1878- 1937) was a very prominent orientalist, who is best known for his preserving the Collection of Syriac manuscripts. He was born in Sharanesh, Zakho (Iraq).

People of the 20th Century: – Shimon Ganja.

From List of Most Widely Admired - Shimon Ganja was one of the brightest figures of the early 20th century. He was born in 1870, in Kurtapa village, Urmia, Iran.

Assyrian Levy officers on London streets.

The Most Famous Photographs in Assyrian History: Assyrian Levy officers on London streets, or The Victory Parade in London, June 1946.

Painting “Yimma Ator”.

It was painted in 1979 by George Chanko from Sweden. The painting was called "Yimma Ator" - "Assyria Mother".

The Assyrian Pentecostal Church in Chicago.

What do we know about the Assyrian Pentecostal Church (Edta d-Akhonwathe Penteqostaye Aturaye) in Chicago?

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Festival of Assyrian music and dance “BET NAHREIN”.

Hagyana Aturaya presents: For the first time in Krasnodar (Russia)! Festival of Assyrian music and dance "BET NAHREIN".
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