Saturday, September 25, 2021


Interview with the Doctor Sergei Osipov.

HAGYANA ATOURAYA PRESENTS: an interview with the Doctor of Medical Science , Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences Sergei Osipov.

Dr. Roland Bidzhamov, Moscow.

Hagyana Atouraya PRESENTS: Exclusive interview with the Assyrian activist Mr. Roland Bidzhamov from Moscow.

Cordial meeting with friends.

This is a cordial meeting with three respected Assyrian activists, Mr. Aaron Odisho from Germany, Mr. William Yosipov and Mr. Mikhael Mamoev from Russia. The discussion is about the Assyrian situation in General and in Germany and Russia in particular. Wiesbaden, Germany. February 7, 2020.

Andrey Mikhaylov, Moscow.

An interview conducted in the village of Urmi with the zealous Assyrian youth from Moscow Andrey Mikhaylov.

Anna Muradova, Moscow.

Interview with Dr. Anna Muradova (Hanna Bit-Murad) who is a major reserchar in the Institute of Linguistics Russian Acadey of Sciences.

Michael Lachinov, Tbilisi – Moscow.

Tpaqta am amrana d'Moscow zamara d'umta atoureta myaqra Michael Lachinov.

Sliwo Givargizov, part – 3.

The third part of Mr. Samir Khoshaba’s meeting in Moscow with Mr. Sliwo Givargizov.

Wilyam Iosipov, Moscow.

Tpaqta d'myaqra malpana Samir khoshaba am myaqra Wilyam Yosipov go Moscow.

Sliwo Givargizov, part – 2.

The second part of Mr. Samir Khoshaba’s meeting in Moscow with Mr. Sliwo Givargizov, Deacon Benjamin Bet-Avraham, and Tengiz Givargizov.

Sliwo Givargizov, Moscow. Part – 1.

Meeting with Mr. Sliwo Givargizov, Moscow. During his short visit in Moscow, Russian Republic, Mr. Samir Khoshaba had a meeting with Mr. Sliwo Givargizov and his family. Mr. Givargisov is a person full of love and proud of his Assyrian roots. Here is the first part of the meeting.
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