Sunday, October 17, 2021

Saint Petersburg

In memory of Mikhail Sado.

Mikhail Yukhanna Sado was an Assyrian Russian linguist, scholar, Professor of Semitic languages, orientalist, politician, former paratrooper, and wrestling champion.

Assyrian Martyrs Day 2018.

Commemoration of the Assyrian martyrs in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russian confederation. August 7th 2018.

Mr. Alexander Simonov, St. Petersburg.

An interview with Mr. Alexander Simonov, an Assyrian of Saint Petersburg in Russia. August 2018.

In memory of Mikhail Sado.

On June 9 family and friends of Mikhail Yukhanovich Sado gathered at the St.Nicholas Cemetery in St. Petersburg. They come to pray and to commemorate his birth.

Dokhrana d’Mart Mariam, St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Assyrian Santa Maria festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia with the lovely singer Nora Tamrazova and the music team Urmia.

Zinaida Sado, St.-Petersburg.

In October 2014 Janna Yukhanova & Ruben Aleksanov met with Mikhails Sado's widow, Zinaida Sado in St. Petersburg.In October 2014 Janna Yukhanova & Ruben Aleksanov met with Mikhails Sado's widow, Zinaida Sado in St. Petersburg (Mikhails Sado was the teacher at Theological Academy). Rabi Mikhail collected books all his life, studied and taught Assyrian youth their native language. Mrs. Zinaida showed us her husband's office, his books, and told us a lot of interesting things about this great man and teacher.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ & Kazankathedraal.

Kha saghbarta krita go mdita d'St.-Petersburg. Aha mdita peshtela bnita byed  Peter -I malka d'Russia, u hal shita d'1918 vitela areshkheta d'daha d'atra.

Saint Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St. Petersburg.

Khda saghbarta krita men bet qowra d'mnakha malpana rabi Michael Sado go Dera d'Alexander Nevsky Lavra d'pishele benia b'shita d'1710 go mdita d'St. Petersburg b'atra d'Russia.
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