Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Assyrians of Sweden

Interview with the Assyrian activist Athirrinna Isik Goria.

Hagyana Atouraya presents: Samir Khoshaba in a live interview with Assyrian activist Athirrinna Isik Goria.

Interview with the Assyrian artist Mr. Josef Cacan.

HAGYANA ATOURAYA PRESENTS: Live interview with the Assyrian artist, musician, comedian and TV presenter Mr. Josef Cacan. Hosted by Janna Yukhanova. Sunday, June 6, 2021

Interview with the Assyrian singer Ilona Danho.

Hagyana-Atouraya presents: a special interview with the famous Assyrian singer Ilona Danho. The interview was conducted in East and West Assyrian dialects. The presenter, Ms Zhanna Yukhanova, speaks East Assyrian and the singer speaks West Assyrian. Our dear friend Maurice Dahl took part in the program and translated into two dialects.

“Assyrian language and Literature” by Rabi Gabriel Georges.

Presentation of and discussion about a new published Assyrian book entitled “Assyrian language and Literature” by Rabi Gabriel Georges. Hosted by Samir Khoshaba Participants: Rabi Gabriel Georges, Author. Denmark Prof. Efrem Yildiz, Vice Presidents, University of Salamanca, Spain Dr. Moshe Dawod, Assyrian teacher, Linköpings schools, Sweden

Discussion about the Assyrian language teaching for children.

Hosted by Janna Yukhanova, Participants: Nahren Hurmiz, teacher, Yolia Maleel teacher, Diana Benjamin, teacher.

Special Interview with Prof. Efrem Yildiz about the Nineveh Chair.

This special interview which is conducted with Prof. Efrem Yildiz, vise preseidesnt of the University of Salamanca, Spain is to give infromation about the Nineveh Chair project at that University. It includes also some questions about his new book “Gramar of the Modern Assyrian Languague” published by AKKADBOOK.

Assyrian lecture in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

We are delivering to you this Assyrian lecture entitled “necessity of changing the car engine oil from time to time” on the Assyrian languages day as a tribute to our beloved language. April 21, 2020.

Happy Assyrian New Year 6770.

On the occasion of the Assyrian New year, we are presenting for you this lecture which is about the Assyrian New Year celebrations in ancient Assyria. April 1, 6770.

Commemoration of the passing of Yousef Isho.

The website hagyana-atouraya together with the Assyrian Babylon association celebrated two years commemoration of passing of the great Assyrian musician Yousef Isho. Jönköping, Sweden on 22nd of February 2020.

Assyrian Martyr´s Day year 2019 in Jönköping. Part 4.

Commemoration of the Assyrian Marttyr’s Day 2019 was arranged by the Assyrian associations Babylon and Turabdin in Jönköpin, Sweden. In this part, the Assyrian poet and writer Rabi Michael Mammoo is performing one of his poems.
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New book from Russia, 2021.

A new book was published in St. Petersburg (Russia), this is the third revised and edited edition of the book "Biographical Dictionary of Assyrians in Russia (XIX - mid XX century)" by Archimandrite Stephen Sado, 2021.