Thursday, September 2, 2021

Assyrians of Australia

Interview with the Assyrian activist, theatre and art writer Andros Hermez.

Hagyana Atouraya presents: Samir Khoshaba in a live interview with Assyrian activist, theater writer and art critic Andros Hermez. The broadcast is sponsored by Sargon Varda (England).

Interview with the Assyrian poet, writer and journalist Adel Danno.

Hagyana Atouraya presents an interview with the Assyrian poet, writer and journalist Adel Danno. Date: Saturday 19 of June 2021.

Special interview with Mr. Emil Gharib.

Hagyana Atouraya PRESENTS: Special interview with Mr. Emil Gharib from Sidney, Australia. Among other things Assyrian family- and social life difficulties in diaspora will be discusses. The organizer is Samir Khoshaba from Hagyana Atouraya.

Assyrian poet Jaklin Bityou.

Special interview with the Assyrian poet and activist Mrs. Jaklin Bityou from Sidney، Australia. Friday 12, 2021.

Special interview with Rabi Benjamin Benjamin.

This special interview with the Assyrian writer and interpreter Rabi Benjamin Benjamin is about his new published book about the history of the Benjamin family in the field of the Assyrian modern language and literature, and his new Russian – Assyrian dictionary which is not published yet. Saturday 1st of February 2020.

An Exclusive Interview with H.B. Mar Meelis Zaia Hosted by Maryam Shamalta.

His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia is Assyrian Church of the East Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon. In this exclusive interview he speaks about Assyrian schools, St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College, the Theological college, and many other projects. He also touches on the importance of teaching our language and faith to the next generation of Assyrians, and many other important subjects.

Interview with the Youkhanna Khamis, Australia.

An exclusive interview with Youkhanna Khamis, the director of "Assyrian Star Dance Group" from Sidney. Special thanks to Frederick Dooman, Cinemond Productions.

Exclusive Interview with Agnes Isak, New Zealand.

An exclusive online discussion with an Assyrian artist (Painter) and also a Principal at Assyrian Cultural House in Auckland New Zealand Mrs. Agnes Ishak on Hagyana Atouraya show. Topic involves Mrs. Agnes Ishak activities within Assyrian community’s as well as her unique paintings and her capabilities. Hosted by Janna Yukhanova from Hagyana Atouraya and in cooperation with Frederick Dooman, Cinemond Productions.

Assyrian Reality TV special with Janna Yukhanova.

Special Interview, with Janna Yukhanova from Russia via Assyrian Reality TV and in cooperation with AUA Australia David David… under management of Sarkis Benjamin, and Frederick Dooman, Cinemond Productions...

Interview with Miss. Georgina Abraham.

This interview with Ms. Georgina Abraham, from Austria, is including questions about the Assyrian Universal Solidarity, AUS. Ms. Abraham is the head of the AUS in Europe.
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New book from Russia, 2021.

A new book was published in St. Petersburg (Russia), this is the third revised and edited edition of the book "Biographical Dictionary of Assyrians in Russia (XIX - mid XX century)" by Archimandrite Stephen Sado, 2021.