Saturday, August 14, 2021

Assyrians writers of Australia

Interview with the Assyrian activist, theatre and art writer Andros Hermez.

Hagyana Atouraya presents: Samir Khoshaba in a live interview with Assyrian activist, theater writer and art critic Andros Hermez. The broadcast is sponsored by Sargon Varda (England).

Interview with the Assyrian poet, writer and journalist Adel Danno.

Hagyana Atouraya presents an interview with the Assyrian poet, writer and journalist Adel Danno. Date: Saturday 19 of June 2021.

”BARNASHA” by Jaklin Bityou.

Poem "BARNASHA" by the Assyrian poetess from Australia Jacqueline Bitu.

Assyrian poet Jaklin Bityou.

Special interview with the Assyrian poet and activist Mrs. Jaklin Bityou from Sidney، Australia. Friday 12, 2021.

Interview with the Assyrian poet Albert Orahim.

This interview with the Assyrian poet and musician Albert Orahim is about his poetic and musician activities,

Special interview with Rabi Benjamin Benjamin.

This special interview with the Assyrian writer and interpreter Rabi Benjamin Benjamin is about his new published book about the history of the Benjamin family in the field of the Assyrian modern language and literature, and his new Russian – Assyrian dictionary which is not published yet. Saturday 1st of February 2020.

Likhma Tleeqa – By Jaklin Bityou.

This poem is dedicated to all our Assyrian Nation in the Middle East. I believe the true message of this is to never take anything for granted, and always be thankful for what God has given us. This can relate to the terrorism and prosecution of people in our homeland, and to spread awareness of this.

”Dyarta Khatta” by Jaklin Bityou.

Poem "Dyarta Khatta" by the Assyrian poet Mrs. Jaklin Bityou.

”Kirkuk” – Jaklin Bityou.

Poem with the headline "Kirkuk” by the Assyrian poet Mrs. Jaklin Bityou.

”Ba’oti Khareta” – Nabeel Yawanis.

Poem "Ba'oti Khareta" by assyrian poet Nabeel Yawanis from Australia.
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Assyrian Martyr’s Day 2021.

7th of August is the Assyrian Martyrs day. Hagyana Atouraya has planned a special program for remembrance and respect for our Martyrs. We have invited academics, writer, poets, singers, and other artists to participate on commemoration of our respected martyrs.