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Assyrians Writers of Iran

William D. S. Daniel.

William D. S. Daniel was born on March 17, 1903 in Urmia, Iran. He completed his primary education in the missionary schools where he studied the Assyrian language. After the First World War, William moved to Hamadan and began studying music. He later went to study in the conservatory of music in Basil, Switzerland where he became an accomplished violinist. While in Europe, he continued to study the Assyrian language and took to translating the French masterpiece "Cyrano de Bergerac" from French to Assyrian.

Tale in Assyria entitled “It is expensive, he is not worth it” .

(Русский) Рассказ «Это дорого, он этого не стоит» Самир Хошаба взял из журнала "Гильгамеш" № 67, 1960 года.

”Eda d’ Nisan” by Rabi Givargis Isakhani.

A Poem by Rabi Givargis Isakhani (Eda d' Nisan) brought to you by Shamiram Media. Happy Assyrian New Year!

A poem for Nineveh by Kaku Oushana.

A poem for Nineveh by and in loving memory of Kaku Qashisha Giwargis Oushana, brought to life by his daughter Atlantida Oushanayou Taimoorazy and his granddaughter Juliana Taimoorazy, narrated by his son, George Oushanayou, and proudly presented to you by Shamiram Media.

”Urmi” a poem by Rabi Givargiz Isakhani.

This poem was recited at William Daniel Cultural Committee's poetry night.

”Mshokhti” – by Babajan Lazarian.

The poem "Mshokhti" by Assyrian poet from Iran Babajan Lazarian.

”Khelma” – Rabi Shomoon Bet Isho Babari.

The poem "Khelma" by Assyrian poet from Iran Rabi Shomoon Bet Isho Babari.

”Sparta” – byad Rabi Shomoon Bet Isho Babari.

The poem "Waiting" by Assyrian poet from Iran Rabi Shomoon Bet Isho Babari.

Lappa d’Khayye – “Life’s Current”.

When two giants meet. Rabi Nimrud Simono shares an anecdote and then sings one of Rabi William Daniel's masterpieces, Lappa d-Khayye 'Life's Current'. Courtesy of Dr. Sargon Issa and his good wife Emily Issa. Enjoy! Nineb Lamassu.

”Muri” – Shamiram Pourian.

Mshukhta b'shema d'Muri byed dr. Shamiram D. Pourian.
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