Saturday, August 14, 2021

Eugeni Bet Morada

Eugenie Bet Murada, Paris ”France”.

Eugenie Bet Murada go daha tpaqta haquyila men tkhare d'itla men Salamas b'atra d'Iran.

Eugenie Bet Morada Paris, France.

Tpaqta d'Valodia Sarkez men dapa d'hagyana-atouraya bi myaqarta Eugenie Bet Morada amranta d'mdita Paris b'atra d'Fance.

Eugenie Bet Murada, France.

Myaqarta Eugenie Bet Murada mashukhta u zamarta d'umta Atoureta.

Eugenie Bet Murada.

Mshokhta u zmarta d'kheshanten men myaqarta Eugenie Bet Murada. Akhnan akh hadameh daha umta sniqivakh al nesyana u yulpana d'nasheh hoonaneh d'itlan go umtan.

Zmarta Umtaneta.

Melkha d'Umtan shupra d'itutan seqla d'saprayutan ina Khwardeqnan u Khwarkoosan. Myaqarta Eugenie Bet Murada kha men dane khwarkoose d'Atur ila.

Eugenie Bet Morada, France.

Myaqarta Eugenie Bet Morada  katavta, zamarta d'mshukhyate u zmaryate.
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