Sunday, August 15, 2021

Michael Mammoo

Malpane d’Lishana Atouraya, Sweden.

Yalope u malpane d'Lishana Atouraya b'madrashyate d'Jonkoping b'atra d'Sweden, mtokeslon kha khorza dilanaia qa Avahe u Yalope qad adeya bekhzayutun go daha dapa.

”Konash Mushkhate” – Michael Mammoo, Sweden.

Rabi Michael Mammoo sapra u malpana d’lishana Atouraya am yalupyate d’madrashta metqadmanta d’Jönköping b’atra d’Sweden ktivina kha ktava b’shema d’ ”Konash Mushkhate”.

”Konash Mushkhate”-Michael Mammoo, Sweden.

Rabi Michael Mammoo malpana d'lishana Atouraya am yalupyate d'madrashta metqadmanta d'Jönköping b'atra d'Sweden ktivina kha ktava b'shema d' ''Konash Mushkhate".

Ya semmeile.

Mshukhta byed Rabi Michael Mammoo.

7 b’Tabakh-Youma d’Sahdeh Atouraye.

Byed Michael Mammoo, Sweden.

Samir Khoshaba & Michael Mammoo.

Tpaqta d’myaqra, malpana Samir Khoshaba am Rabi Michael Mammoo – malpana d’lishana Atouraya.

Sapra Rabi Michael Mammoo.

Tpaqta am rabi Michael Mammoo.

Dkhara d’kha b’Nisan.

Byed Rabi Michael Mammoo.

”Lishana umtanaya”.

  Mshukhta d'Lishana umtanaya byad rabi Michael Mammoo.

Assyrian Language Day.

Assyrians of the world are celebrating Assyrian Language Day on April 21. Rabi Mikhail Mammo, Assyrian language teacher, is talking about the importance of speaking your own language.
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