Thursday, September 2, 2021

Samir Khoshaba

Interview with the Mr. Ayman Khawaja.

Hagyana Atouraya presents: Janna Yukhanova in Live interview with Assyrian activist and TV presenter Mr. Ayman Khawaja. The broadcast is sponsored by Sargon Varda (England).


Another tragic story of the Assyrian family, when people who were dear to each other were destined to dissolve and never meet again. The terrible events of the last century destroyed families and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of our people.

Interview with the Assyrian artist Mr. Josef Cacan.

HAGYANA ATOURAYA PRESENTS: Live interview with the Assyrian artist, musician, comedian and TV presenter Mr. Josef Cacan. Hosted by Janna Yukhanova. Sunday, June 6, 2021

Interview with the Assyrian activist Morris Dal.

HAGYANA ATOURAYA PRESENTS: Special interview with the Assyrian activist Morris Dal.

Interview with the Assyrian singer Niramsin Yakou.

HAGYANA ATOURAYA Presents: The interview with the assyrian singer Niramsin Yakou. Host – Janna Yukhanova from Hagyana Atouraya, This broadcast is sponsored by Sargon Warda (England).

Interview with the Assyrian singer Ilona Danho.

Hagyana-Atouraya presents: a special interview with the famous Assyrian singer Ilona Danho. The interview was conducted in East and West Assyrian dialects. The presenter, Ms Zhanna Yukhanova, speaks East Assyrian and the singer speaks West Assyrian. Our dear friend Maurice Dahl took part in the program and translated into two dialects.

Discussion about the Assyrian language teaching for children.

Hosted by Janna Yukhanova, Participants: Nahren Hurmiz, teacher, Yolia Maleel teacher, Diana Benjamin, teacher.

Assyrian artist and poet Shmowel Bet Yawanis.

HAGYANA-ATOURAY presents: an interview with the #Assyrian​ artist and poet Shmowel Bet Yawanis from Sydney.

Dr. Roland Bidzhamov, Moscow.

Hagyana Atouraya PRESENTS: Exclusive interview with the Assyrian activist Mr. Roland Bidzhamov from Moscow.

Special interview with Tiglat P. Issabey.

HAGYANA ATOURAYA PRESENTS: An exclusive Interview with President of Assyrian Cultural Foundation, Pianist, Music Director Tiglat P. Issabey.

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New book from Russia, 2021.

A new book was published in St. Petersburg (Russia), this is the third revised and edited edition of the book "Biographical Dictionary of Assyrians in Russia (XIX - mid XX century)" by Archimandrite Stephen Sado, 2021.
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