Saturday, August 14, 2021


“Sheble sapraye” – Lili Avraham Teymourazi.

The First book "Sheble Sapraye" by Assyrian writer from Urmia (Iran) Lily Abraham Teimurazi.

Assyrian book ”Ktawa d’matle b’mooshkhata” By Mar Toma Audo.

The contents of this book are selected and translated from the work of the famous French poet La Fontaine.

Assyrian children’s book ”Men shooyatha d’Sawi”.

"Chercheroka zamara o shekwana kashira”. By: Yakub Youel. Published by the Oriental Cultural Centre in Iraq.

Children’s book ”Raaya tawa”.

This is a reading and coloring book published by the Oriental Cultural Centre in Iraq.

Grammar of the modern syriac language.

Grammar of the modern syriac language as spoken in Oromiah, Persia and in Koordistan by Rev. D. T. Stoddard.

Assyrian Historical Names for Male and Female.

 By Mr. Michael Alexan Younan, California, USA.

Assyrian – English dictionary.

Oraham's dictionary of the stabilised and anriched Assyrian languade and English.

Russian – Assyrian Dictionary.

By Vasili Shoumanov.
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Assyrian Martyr’s Day 2021.

7th of August is the Assyrian Martyrs day. Hagyana Atouraya has planned a special program for remembrance and respect for our Martyrs. We have invited academics, writer, poets, singers, and other artists to participate on commemoration of our respected martyrs.