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The Assyrian Pentecostal Church in Chicago.

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👉 We have two Pentecostal waves established in Chicago.

♦ In 1906, Andrew Urhsan (from Abajalui, Iran) established the first Pentecostal Church in Chicago. Andrew gathered about him a group of fellow Assyrians to study the Bible in association with the nondenominational Moody Church.

♦ In 1930, the other Assyrian pastor Thoma Nasseri began his evangelical ministry throughout Western Iran and built churches and established congregations in villages, towns, and major metropolitan cities in Iran. At this time, some Assyrians from his mission moved to Chicago.

👉 According to Sarah Abraham Sano’ memoirs, during the 30’- 40’s the Pentecostal Mission had a Sunday school in a store at N. 2142 N. Halsted Ave, near the Assyrian American Association (AAA, N. 2108 Halsted Ave). From there, it moved to 956 W Barry Ave. And after several years, the church members purchased a building at 1748 W. Devon Ave (again closed to AAA, interesting… right?!).
Sarah mentioned the following ministers of the mission:
Rev. Isaac Benjamin (1940’s), Rev. Samuel Kamber (60’s), Rev. John G. Warton (70’s), Shmoel Kambar (72-73’s) Jonathan Nader (80’s), Thomas Abraham (81-92’s).

👉 In 2000s, Matthew Bet Esho was in charge of the mission. Finally, in 2000’s, the Church building was sold to Armenian Pentecostal Church.
Pictured here, a church building of the past Assyrian Pentecostal community of Chicago (1748 W. Devon Ave).
P.S. A picture taken today (5/14/2) from my phone, and the old one is attached too.

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