Thursday, August 19, 2021

Assyrian Levy officers on London streets.

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♦️ The London Victory Celebrations of 1946 were British Commonwealth, Empire and Allied victory celebrations held after the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.
On 1 November 1945 the Prime Minister appointed a committee under the chairmanship of the Home Secretary, James Chuter Ede to formulate plans for official Victory Celebrations. But the celebrations took place in London on 8 June 1946, and consisted mainly of a military parade through the city and a night time fireworks display. Most British allies took part in the parade: Belgium, Brazil, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Luxembourg the Netherlands and the United States…, including Assyrian delegation.

♦️ Pictured here, L-R: Rab-Emma Stepho Neesan, Rab-Emma Baijo Peko, Rab-Emma Warda Esho, Priest of Lambeth Palace, Rab-Khamshi Ishaq Gewargis, Rab-Khaila Zaia Gewargis, Corporal Moshi Touma, Rab-Khamshi Gewargis Barkho, Rab-Emma Shlimon Bukko, Rab-Tremma Youkhanna Narsai.

🎖 Photo courtesy of the late GABBARA d’Umta – Benjamin E. Yalda (1932-2019) – God bless his soul +

Vasili Shoumanov

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