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Professor Joseph Yacoub.

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His ancestors originally from Salamas, Iran. During the First World War, his family escaped from Genocide and fled to Tiflis, Georgia. In 1920s, they migrated to Syria. He was born in Hassakeh but grew up in Beirut, Lebanon where he received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology.
In 1969, he moved to Lyon (France), and received his Doctor’s degree in history, where he achieved two Doctorates.
Dr. Joseph has been teaching Political Science and International Relations at Catholic University of Lyon.
Dr. Yacoub devoted much of his time writing, lecturing, and acting on the Assyrian Question.
He is the author of a 4-volume thesis on the Assyrian case — the first to be ever published in France.
In 1986, he published a book at Alpha Graphic, Chicago, IL: “The Assyrian Question”.
He was Holder of the UNESCO Chair: ”Memory, Cultures and Interculturality”, and Editor-in-chief of University Academic review: “Etudes interculturelles” (Intercultural Studies) from 2007 to 2011.
Also, he was granted rewards, amongst them “The Cross of the Assyrian Church of the East” by the late patriarch Mar Dinkha IV.
Since April 2006, his name is mentioned on the Wall Fresco of Lyon’s People as Writer.

Vasili Shoumanov.

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